Flame Script & Black on Black

Kath. Akademie Die Wolfsburg (Falkenweg 6, 45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr)


Loredana Zega

"This beautiful script which I developed some years ago really helps you to make stunning artwork. It is really a script for creating beautiful textures so ist is not meant to be legible.

We will explore a basic version of the script, so it is suitable for beginners, too!

Along the way, we will search for the possibilities of a black background which allows us to create artwork with the colors that pop out of the paper with great contrasts and radiance. Well, this time we will be focusing on the black-on-black and all the grey shades in between with some shiny details.

The second part of the workshop is about searching the possibilities of design in calligraphy so you will create many small abstract pieces that will help you to be more innovative in your future artworks."


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Kosten (inklusive Vollverpflegung und drei Übernachtungen):

Mitglieder: 660 €

Nicht-Mitglieder: 685 €